I’m Featured In “The Bay”!

I couldn’t wait to get my November copy of The Bay magazine, and ironically enough, as I walked out of Early Morning Yoga class at Bristol Yoga Studio this morning, a fresh stack of magazines greeted me.

The Bay

The reason I was so excited to see it is because I was interviewed for the “Live Well Connoisseur” column this month.

And the reason it was ironic that I was greeted with the stack of The Bay magazines as I left Bristol Yoga Studio is because that’s where the photo of me was taken!

So, thanks to Sara Celano for the interview, thanks to Amy Amerantes for the photograph and thanks to Bristol Yoga Studio for providing the space!

And to all the East Bay- and South Coast-ers (and those from elsewhere in the state who venture over here) – pick up your free November isue of The Bay and check out p. 39!

The Bay magazine