5 Fitness Date Ideas This Fall In Rhode Island

Date nights are fun… and so is working out (most of the time!). So why not combine the two?

Here in Rhode Island we’re fortunate to have fall weather that makes spending time outside so enjoyable. So, instead of sharing overpriced popcorn at the movies, why not get out, get moving and break a sweat with your date?

Here are 5 great fitness date activities to try this fall:

1) Take a Moonlight Paddle – Whether you’re a new couple or you have a couple of kids, what’s more romantic than spending time together under moonlight? Experience the wonders of night kayaking under a full moon at The Kayak Center in Wickford, which offers a Moonlight Paddle on Wednesday, October 12. Cost: $40 per person (includes equipment and guide).

2) Go For a Run Or a Ride – I met my fiance at a road race, and we spent a lot of time running and bike riding together over the following weeks. It was such a good way to really get to know each other. We would grab breakfast or coffee afterward our workout and chat some more. But these aren’t just activities for the newly-dating. Sometimes my brother and sister-in-law, who have been married for 13 years, will hire a sitter for their dinner date night – and get in a run together first. I love that! Here are a few scenic routes in Rhode Island to run together.

3) Rock It Out – Learn the ropes together – or if you’re a seasoned climber, show off your skills – on a rock climbing date. Whatever your ability, Ocean State Rock Climbing and Rock Spot Climbing Gym, both located in Lincoln, offer options for you – everything from Rock Climbing 101 courses to day passes.

4) Tennis, Anyone? – Whether you’re courting each other (pun intended) or have a history of being competitive on the courts together, tennis is a fun date option, especially on a beautiful fall weekend when you can enjoy an outdoor court without the summer heat. There are plenty of outdoor tennis courts to choose from – most high schools and town parks have courts open for public use (check with your local recreation department). But even if the weather isn’t ideal for an outdoor match, you can rent a court at Indoor Tennis Court in East Providence.

5) Catch Some Waves – No, I’m not joking. Peter Pan Surfing Academy in Newport is open all year round for personalized, private surfing lessons. You know it will at least be a fun adventure. And we do live in the Ocean State, after all!